Below are some testimonials from UBC Engineering female students as to why support is needed for women in engineering.

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1st year engineering student

“So far, my only real exposure to gender issues and “engineering culture” has been in noticing the low number of girls in my classes. I have also noticed that when I tell someone I am in engineering, they say something like ‘Oh, you must be smart!’ Comments like this are rarely said to boys in engineering. The assumption is that boys are naturally suited to become engineers where as girls must be different in some way if they decide to enter the field.”

Kathy Xu

2nd year Electrical Engineering

“My reason for joining WIE was that because I grew up from a family of engineers and I had exposure and the ability to learn about what engineering is and what it is like to be an engineer, I feel like everybody should have the chance to know that. I learned that many high school students and even university students don’t understand what engineering is all about and why women should go to engineering. Thus, I feel I can contribute to WIE in providing support through events to help women understand why engineering is a good field to go to.”

Erin Madro

3rd year Chemical & Biological Engineering

“I have been very fortunate in my life to have been surrounded by an amazing group of women in engineering, who have encouraged me to be an engineer and have supported me all along the way. Growing up, I never thought that engineering was for me. I was a big picture dreamer who wanted to see positive changes in the world, particularly on the environmental front. It was these women who showed me that engineering was a great means of accomplishing my dreams, and I am so glad I ultimately made the decision to pursue engineering.

To me, the importance of female support in the pursuit of engineering is an understatement. Support is needed for young women in high school considering the pursuit of an engineering degree, for women in university working towards their degree, and for women working in the professional world as engineers. Support and encouragement is what keeps our heads held high as we pursue our dreams and make the world a better place as engineers, leaders, daughters, mothers and friends.”


Katelyn Currie

4th year Mechanical Engineering 

“Engineering is a profession dedicated to serving and improving society; since roughly half of the general public consists of females, it is of critical importance that women are involved in engineering. Men and women bring different perspectives which are needed to shape engineer’s understanding of society and the important issues in the world. Diversity in opinions, skills and interests is also highly important to the continuity of the profession and the expansion of the body of knowledge in all areas, and women are a critical part of this picture.”