Our Committees

Our Committees

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Women in Engineering has four committees: WiSE, Professional Development, Outreach and Education, and Community Engagement.


Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

The WiSE Committee organizes one of the largest mentoring events in the UBC Engineering community. The event brings together 30+ female professionals in STEM industries and 100+ female undergraduate students for a night of networking and inspiration. WiSE helps students discover the exciting potential behind their degrees, by connecting them with female industry mentors who have taken both traditional and non-traditional paths within their careers.


Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee encourages professional growth by addressing the unique challenges that women may face in a male-dominated workplace. Together, they work towards developing and hosting educational events, seminars, and workshops that will help engineering students navigate the workforce with the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed. Past PD initiatives have included a salary negotiations workshop, machine shop workshops, and a gender inequality in workplace seminar. Events that the PD Committee runs are open to all students, regardless of gender.


Outreach and Education

The Outreach and Education (OE) Committee plays a crucial role in increasing WiE’s visibility within the UBC Engineering community and promoting the retention of women in engineering. The OE Committee educates engineering students about concepts that are important to WiE and performs outreach to girls and young women to promote engineering as a career. Education takes the form of presentations, workshops, and mentoring programs where students are exposed to the opportunities engineering has to offer and the impact engineering has on the world around them. The OE Committee works closely with Geering Up and eng•cite to encourage young female students to consider or continue engineering as a career.


Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Committee aims to foster a feeling of companionship and support between all members of WiE UBC through social events and recognition programs. The committee also strives to build a sense of community within the engineering student body through social events while raising awareness of WiE’s mission and activities as well as engagement through social media. The Community Engagement Committee is also responsible for all communications for WiE including branding material.