Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Agnes d’Entremont

WiE Faculty Advisor

Dr. Agnes d’Entremont is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC. Her work focuses on student learning and curriculum development in mechanical engineering. She teaches courses in mechanics, including orthopaedic biomechanics and injury biomechanics, and mechanical design, and teaches Arts and Commerce students about engineering. Her teaching-related interests include team-based learning and flipped classroom approaches, open educational resources (OER), and open pedagogy.  She also focuses on student mental wellbeing and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues in engineering education and the broader engineering profession.

Her educational research work has included examining links between gender and the decision to start an engineering program, evaluation of mental health interventions in the classroom, and exploring relationships between usage patterns and student learning outcomes in online homework systems. Her technical research is in the area of human joint motion and cartilage health, with a particular focus on paediatric hip disorders and imaging methods.


Alyssa Tam

WiE Program Coordinator

Alyssa is in her final year of Materials Engineering at the University of British Columbia. She has been involved with WiE since her 2nd year, previously serving as WiE’s Youth Outreach Chair and WiSE Chair, and is committed to creating community and supporting students. Professionally, she is interested in pursuing a career in sustainability and materials development. In her spare time, Alyssa is a painter, yogi, hiker, seamstress, and enjoys reading books in French.


Student Executives

Women in Engineering UBC is also supported by volunteer student executives who lead our various initiatives which are outlined in our organization chart.


Mandi Unick

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Chair

Mandi is in her final year studying Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Passionate about sustainable infrastructure, she aspires to develop solutions for zero emission buildings and help reverse the negative environmental impacts of our built environment. She was a committee member for WiSE last year and hopes to continue building lasting relationships with peers and mentors. When Mandi isn’t studying at a coffee shop, she finds time to stay active, play board games with friends and family, and cook a new recipe.



Grace Mwangi

Professional Development Chair

Grace is a 3rd year Chemical engineering student. She has previously been involved with WiE as a general member and as the Outreach Chair. She is passionate about water management and creating more sustainable systems! She is also passionate about equity and creating a greater community for women in engineering. In her free time she enjoys baking, cooking, reading novels and binge watching shows.


Evin Li

Outreach and Education Chair

Evin is a first year engineering student at UBC and is ecstatic to be part of the WiE team! Having always believed in the power of community and inclusion, Evin hopes to use her position to inspire and empower elementary and high school students with opportunities in engineering. She looks forward to working on new systems and programs to continue WiE’s outreach through this novel year, and to build meaningful connections both within and outside the organization. During her free time, Evin can be found binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy & Brooklyn 99, playing fris, and eating ice-cream.


Stephanie Quon

Social Coordinator

Stephanie is a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student in the biomedical option at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion in engineering and hopes to pursue those interests as part of WiE! Outside of school, Stephanie enjoys long-distance running and journaling.




Sophie Lin

Communications Coordinator

Sophie is a 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering student specializing in Mechatronics at UBC. She has been involved with WiE since her 1st year as Marketing Committee Member promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the UBC Engineering community. By applying her leadership skills and creativity, Sophie plans to increase WiE’s awareness and community impact on a new level. Sophie is also passionate about combining robotics, unmanned aircraft systems, and AI to create positive impacts on society. In her spare time, Sophie enjoys basketball and running, and she leads the Surrey Robotics Innovation Lab to empower youth in robotics.