Community Building

The Community Building (CB) Committee aims to foster a feeling of companionship and support between all members of Women in Engineering UBC, as well as for the engineering student body through social events and activities. The committee runs internal events for members of WiE, social events for undergraduate students in UBC Engineering, and events specifically for graduate engineering students. In addition to building a sense of community, these events serve as opportunities to raise awareness of WiE’s mission and activities.

As part of the CB Committee, the Graduate working group aims to bring together graduate engineering students to create a strong sense of community for them at UBC. They organize engaging social events, panels, and mentoring events to address issues and concerns graduate students may have regarding research or industry. These events also help graduate engineering students to establish connections with mentors in research and industry.

As part of the CB Committee, the Undergraduate working group organizes events for female undergraduate students and their supporters within UBC Engineering. The social events that the Undergraduate working group runs serve as opportunities for the WiE and UBC Engineering communities to come together in a friendly and relaxed environment, helping to build a sense of community.