Below are some testimonials from UBC Engineering female students about their experiences with WiE:

Ioana David

1st year engineering student

“I joined WiE because I have always been passionate about women’s rights, and being in engineering, it just made sense. I adored my committee – they made me feel welcomed, especially as an insecure first year – and I felt respected and appreciated, and not inferior because I was in my first year (similar to how Grade 12 students look down on Grade Nine students). WiE is the warmest, most welcoming community that I’ve ever met.”

Katherine Westerlund

3rd year Geological Engineering

“I was one of the members of the first year of the Advocacy committee (2017-18). I joined WiE during my third year of Geological Engineering here at UBC, and during a time of transition for me during my university experience. I found the Advocacy committee gave me a sense of perspective on issues that I think we all unconsciously block out of our minds a bit. I’d recommend looking into the committees, and applying to one (or two) that you think  could be interesting to you. UBC WiE is a lovely, understanding, hardworking community of men and women, and I think it is one of the best experiences you can get involved with to enhance your engineering degree in a small but meaningful way.